All About Us

Sit back and check this out.

So, this site is devoted to two folks. Two incredibly lucky folks, that somehow found each other at exactly the right time. Bronwen and Dane came from two totally different walks of life, from two totally different parts of the world. Bronwen was born and raised in Baltimore, MD while Dane came from the country lands outside Chicago.

Dane grew up the oldest of five and Bronwen was an only child. Both ended up joining the Air Force and serving time in Afghanistan before getting out, but one as an officer and one enlisted. Dane was a nurseĀ before he entered the Air Force, and Bronwen became one after.

That brings us to now.

Bronwen and Dane are both ICU nurses and had been searching for something without knowing it. Both had looked for love in all the wrong places and started on a path to what society says is happiness: Money, things, debt.

Eventually the two ran into each other in a way that can only be described in a Nicholas Sparks book. Fireworks, chemistry, love at first sight, all that mushy stuff. Dane came with two kids already, but Bronwen took them in like she knew them her whole life, and that meant the world to Dane.

Fast forward several years and Bronwen said yes, and then she had two of his kids. That brings us to a big, huggy-kissy mixed family of 6.

Our two latest babies, Lyric and Paxton, were both born naturally in our home. That experience has prompted Bronwen to go back to school to achieve her DNP (Doctorate in Nursing Practicum) as a Nurse Midwife!

So now, how did we end up here? After millions of hours of conversation, and even more thought, Bronwen and Dane came to a conclusion: Life is not about stuff, or money. It’s about memories, and time with the people you love. It’s about making the most of this one tiny little life in whatever way you can. So, we began to think…in what way can we make our life count? We thought for the better part of two years before finally settling on the idea that we are currently embarking on.

We are going to sell everything, move into an RV and travel the country. We are going to teach our kids about people, and about beauty. We want to show them that people are good, and that life is amazing. We want them to see first-hand how incredible this life is. And somewhere down the line, we just may settle down. But for now, it’s the open road, It’s adventure, and it’s completely up to us.